The Ultimate Clean up in Ahmedabad
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  • The Ultimate Clean up with Exfoliation
The Ultimate Clean up with Exfoliation
Deep pore cleansing Followed with Customized Mask.
A perfect way of de-tanning and exfoliating your skin with Vegetal Peel. This attacks inter-cellular debris that clogs the pores, helping remove the dead cells attached to the surface of the skin. dirt and impurities leaving your skin vibrant, refreshed and able to absorb nourishment from treatment creams and masks. Its ingredients such as bromelin, papaya, pineapple and lettuce heart enzymes that are efficient in exfoliating and removing the tan from the skin, leaving the skin very refreshed & bright.
  • The Ultimate WOW

Agelock Facial .

The Result

  • Around the Eyes
  • Nasal Fold
  • Around the Mouth
  • Skin Firmness
  • Smoother Texture
  • Reduced Pore Size
  • The Ultimate Facials
Signature Facial
Deep Cleansing-Exfoliation-Facial massage followed wih Collagen mask/ hot ice mask
Anti Ageing Facial
Exfoliation-Polishing-Brightening mask- Facial massage with Revitalizing mask
Brightening Facial
Exfoliation deep pore cleansing - face massage followed With Brightening mask
Aromatherapy Facial
With Customized Oils As Per Type Of Skin And Problem.
  • The Ultimate Magic
Ultimate Glow
De-tan and skin polishing mask

Ultimate Acne Cure
Drying and healing antiseptic action

Ultimate Open Pore Treatment

Ultimate Eye Treatment
Treats eye fatigue and dark circles
Ultimate Quick Fix

  • Intensive Brightening Mask
  • Radiance Renewal mask
  • Deep moisture
  • Acne Control
  • Collagen Miracles
  • The Ultimate Paramedical Treatment
Glycolic Peel - Cleopatra Lactic Peel Least invasive ways to improve the acne scarsFine lines, wrinkles & appearance of your skin.
Glycolic Peel is one of a group of acids known as alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA). It is found naturally in sugar cane and grapes and is commonly used in skin care treatments including acne treatment, exfoliation, and chemical peels.Skin looks softer and smoother. Long term use of glycolic acid skin care products has been shown to help diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. It also helps smooth out uneven facial tone and can even reduce the appearance of surgical scars, acne scars, and other blemishes.
Cleopatra lactic Peel are excellent for resurfacing the skin, increasing skin’s moisture levels and for fine lines, hyperpigmentation and uneven texture. Lactic Acid is more hydrating than Glycolic and works as effectively to firm and smooth the skin’s surface, reducing the visible signs of ageing

None Surgical treatment for regeneration of new skin.
Microdermabrasion treatments are a non-surgical way to freshen and rejuvenate the skin on your face. A less aggressive approach microdermabrasion treatments gently sand the skin, removing the thicker, uneven outer treat light scarring, discoloration and sun damage, Also helps to thicken your collagen, which results in a younger looking complexion.

  • The Ultimate Shahnaz Skin
Clean up Shamarrow
Deep cleansing Skin Clear Treatment
A highly efficient formula for rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin. Helps to reduce the appearance of age spots and skin blotches, improving elasticity and firmness and making the skin look clear, bright and more youthful.

Vegetable Peel
Veg-Peel An exfoliating, polishing treatment followed with aloe hydrationA powerful treatment for texturizing the skin, Vegetable Peel makes the skin clear, smooth and free from blemishes. It has been used in the treatment of scars and blemishes, restoring health and beauty to the skin. The herbal extracts not only help to heal and soothe the skin, but also aid the regeneration of new cells.

  • Shahnaz Magic
1. Rejuvinating
Deep cleansing with rejuvinating mask
2. Instant Glow
Deep clean up with oxygen Mask
3. Brightening
Deep clean up with Pearl Mask
4. Anti ageing
Deep cleansing with Gold Gel and Mask

  • Shahnaz Facial
Herbal Shalife Facial 
To maintain the youth and natural beauty of the skin.
Cleanse, Exfoliate, Extractions, Facial , Neck & Decollete Massage, Shahnaz marrow pack , Tone & Protect.
It helps to improve blood circulation, induce relaxation and delay ageing. The products used for the shahnaz facial have grown out of clinical usage over the last three decades and are ideal for protecting, preventing and enhancing beauty.

Oxygen Facial For Beginners 
Quench your skin with the hydration it crave Deep pore cleanse, Exfoliate, Extractions, Facial, Neck, Decollete, Shoulder, Back, Hand & Arm Massage, Tone & Protect.
The Oxygen Facial provides instant revitalization, using the most powerful level of natural energy. The facial infuses the skin with essential minerals and natural vitamins, providing ideal nourishment and bringing visible health, vitality and beauty to the skin.
Pearl Facial
Facial  Skin Brightening Facial Deep pore cleanse, Exfoliate, Extractions, Facial, Neck, Decollete, Shoulder, Back, Hand & Arm Massage, Pearl mask, Tone & Prote Based on Ayurveda, the Pearl transfers melanin (natural pigment) to the skin surface, improve its moisture retention ability. The facial gives way to a healthy radiant skin, with an even colour tone.

Gold 24 carat Facial
Facial Deep pore cleanse, Exfoliate, Extractions, Facial , Neck, Decollete, Shoulder, Back, Hand & Arm Massage, Gold mask, Tone & Protect.
Based on Ayurveda Gold is one of the softest metals and is easily absorbed by the skin. It helps lymphatic drainage and facilitates the removal of toxins and wastes. It also stimulates blood circulation and improves skin elasticity, accelerating cell renewal and reversing oxidation damage.

Diamond Facial
An elixir of youth for timeless eternal beauty.
Deep pore cleanse, Diamond Exfoliate, Extractions, Facial, Neck, Decollete, Shoulder, Back, Hand & Arm Massage, Diamond mask, Tone & Protect.
The Diamond Facial, a powerful age-control treatment. The exfoliating and gentle dermabrasing action, diminishs fine lines and wrinkles. It awakens dormant cells and boosts the skin's metabolic functions.

Platinum Facial
Recharge and energize your skin. Deep pore cleanse, Exfoliate, Extractions, Facial, Neck, Decollete, Shoulder, Back, Hand & Arm Massage,Platinium mask, Tone & Protect.
The platinum facial is to It influences the skin at the cellular level and helps to ensure the strength of its supportive tissues. It maintains the desired moisture level. It has powerful anti-oxidant effects which protect the skin's youthful properties and impart radiance

Sha Signature -Specially designed exclusive glow facial.
Cocktail facial with Sparlke Glow
Deep pore cleanse, Exfoliate, Extractions, creamsFacial with a cocktail blend of Shahnaz precious cream, Neck, Decollete, Shoulder, Back, Hand & Arm massage,Thermo mask, Tone & Protect.
Add On Treatments
Add On- Dark Circle Eye Treatment For Any Facial
Add On- Thermo mask with any facial.

  • Shahnaz Cure And Care
Thermo herb Mask
Anti ageing face contour mask.
The Thermo herb Mask is a mini face-lift, which deep cleanses, restores balances and tightens the skin. The mask hardens, generates heat, at which skin absorption is highly efficient. It tightens the pores, sculpting the facial contours, minimizing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity.

Acne Treatment
The treatment is based on a highly effective and clinically proven procedure for the treatment of acne and pimples. It helps to decongest and purify the skin, curing and soothing eruptions. The formulations used in the treatment have powerful healing properties and have a high success rate in controlling acne conditions and restoring health to the skin.

Acne Treatment with Plant Protein Revitalizer
The treatment helps to control an acne condition and minimize blemishes and scars. The Plant Protein Revitalizing Mask helps to improve skin texture, toning and refining the pores

Scalp Treatment
The treatment has been clinically tested for the last three decades. It has been specially devised and reinforced for the treatment of hair problems like dandruff and hair loss. It helps to stimulate the follicles and create a germicidal environment, restoring health to the scalp and promoting healthy hair growth.
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